November 29, 2009

Twitter Japan denies paid access

Oops! Looks like the knee jerk online media go it wrong here. Digital Garage, Twitter's partner in Japan, denied that it was offering paid access to premium accounts. But, I agree with Asiajin who says that DG are trying out all kinds of Twitter add-ons at arm's length (so as not
to annoy Twitter US.

[Update: 1st Dec 2009] Joi Ito, the Founder of Digital Garage, has responded on his blog that this was "a misunderstood presentation by a DG subsidiary, DG Mobile, about potential business opportunities that it could explore as a third party".

November 21, 2009

Final Social Mixer of 2009: Wednesday 2nd December

Calling All HK Digerati!

Just a short note to let you know that we'll be holding the final Web Wednesday Social Mixer of 2009 on 2nd December (Yes, it is a Wednesday. No more moving days around!).

Our guest speaker will be Christian Cadeo, Head of Brand Advertising for AdMob, who've recently been bought by Google for US$750 million to help extend their advertising empire into the mobile realm. (Google was struggling with AdSense for mobile).

Admob has just released interactive video ads for the iPhone, which were used by Microsoft to launch Windows 7.

I'm in negotiations to get better drink pricing from Volar. If this doesn't come to fruition, then I may move the event to BackStage. More later...

See you all soon,

Napoleon Biggs
Founder & Host - Web Wednesday

November 11, 2009

Podcast: Jay Oatway, Twitter Star

The moment you've all been waiting for...the podcast of the interview with Jay Oatway, Hong Kong's top Twitter Star, recorded at Web Wednesday Hong Kong - Social Mixer V28.0.

A BIG thank you to our part-time "Multimedia Producer", Henry Oh. Somehow, he finds the time to run Socialutions, the Hong Kong Startup Association, have a good social life... and remove all the naughty bits from our podcasts!

November 2, 2009

Web Wednesday Hong Kong - Social Mixer V30.0 (Nov 6)

Thank you to the cast of "Lumina - the Web Series" for their hilarious impromptu skit and to Jennifer Thym, the writer and director, for wooing the audience with her down-to-earth smarts (see article in Media) and for proving why Hong Kong is still a hot bed of creative talent.

Our next networking event will be on FRIDAY 6th November at a NEW VENUE, Roxie (formerly, the saucy strip club "Goodfellas"), Ground Floor, No 24-30 Ice House Street, Central (just down the street from The Fringe Club and the F.C.C.).
The topic is "Ma Yin Jeo 2.0 - Secrets of Running a Successful Online Presidential Campaign" with Charles Chuang, Taiwanese Internet entrepreneur and open source social enterprise activist. Sign up on Facebook or this blog.
The night kicks off at 6:30pm and ends around 9:30pm, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to mix with the movers and shakers of our local Internet and meet some inspired political activists!

There will be an entrance fee of HK$100, unless you're a bona-fide student, in which case it's HK$50. This includes one complimentary drink. All other drinks are at Happy Hour prices. (We will issue a receipt, if you require one).

We will donate 10% of entrance fees to Habitat for Humanity's work in China.

Do invite fellow policy makers and budding online activists to join the Asian Digerati on Friday 6th November at Roxie, Ground Floor, No 24-30 Ice House Street, Central.

Lumina Skit at Web Wednesday

Witty ad-hoc skit put together in minutes by the talented cast of "Lumina - the Web Series", JuJu Chan, Michael Chan, Jacob Ziacan, and Jayson Li, MC'd by the one and only Simon Yin!

Bringing local talent to the Asian Digerati at Web Wednesday v29.0.

My favourite line, "If you want to know, lords and ladies of the digital social set, we kindly to watch Lumina on the Internet".

Here's a link to the post on Lumina's official website. Thank you again, Jen and Luminaries!