May 12, 2023

Retail Recharged by King Bailey of KPMG

Apologies for the short notice but we've just got wind of a visit to Bangkok by globally-renowned networking king, Anson Bailey (eMBA), Head of Consumer & Retail for KPMG in APAC (official profile). 

Anson is here to impress the need for rapid re-invention of the retail experience upon the crème de la crème of the business class in Thailand. Leveraging an age-old friendship, I have managed to entice him away from a full week of meetings with the C-suite of all the big retail, shopping mall and real estate players to share his insights with the budding Web Wednesday community in Bangkok. 

In late 2022, KPMG released a report on the post-Covid consumer, called "Retail Recharged, Engaging Consumers with Technology, Purpose and Trust". Even if you are not addressing the Chinese consumer in Hong Kong or Mainland China (many of us do so overseas), it is worth the read and is available for download.

Some sample findings on the usage of AI and other immersive experiences. (It only covers Chinese consumers but I believe will parlay to a certain extend across Asia).

Knowing that Anson is at the forefront of the retail (r)evolution, I plan to ask for his enlightenment (aka "grill him") on various topics, including: 
  • How can these learnings be applied to the Thai market?
  • How to engage Gen Z and the post-Covid consumer?
  • Retail in the Age of AI, how are brands enticing, educating and converting shoppers? 
  • What new use cases are emerging? 
  • What's working where? What's not? 
  • What are the risks? 
  • Who are the leaders? 
  • China vs SEA vs US vs EY?
It's going to be a fun, interactive and educational fireside chat so do join us!

Venue: Propaganda Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 33 (BTS Phrom Phong) - Find your way on Google Maps.
Date: Tuesday 16th May 2023 (Note - this is NOT a Wednesday. Had to adapt to King Bailey's schedule!)
Time: Doors open at 4:30pm, interview 5-6pm

>> Entrance is complimentary but space is limited. Register now via this link. <<

(Apologies for content repetition as we're promoting via various channels).