August 10, 2014

Podcast: Uber at Web Wednesday (V87)

Uber is the talk of the town! Our last social mixer (Web Wednesday Version 87) attracted over 150 people from all walks of the internet, see the photos on Flickr.

Thanks to Sam Gellman, Head of Growth for Uber in Asia, for sharing the story of Uber and how he has helped launch this disruptive new transport service in London, Stockholm, Shanghai, Singapore and, now, Hong Kong. If you missed the event, listen to the podcast below.

podcast - S4BB and SkyDrone at Web Wednesday (V86)

Thanks to Patrick Kosiol for taking the "hot-seat" on a last minute request at our 86th Web Wednesday social mixer on 23rd July, 2014. Listen to his experience as a serial mobile app entrepreneur under S4BB and co-founder of a new flying camera, SkyDrone.

August 4, 2014

Thingful - Search Engine for Internet of Things

Thanks to the BBC Click podcast, I learnt about - a search engine for the pubic internet of things ("IoT"). Find them Twitter (@thingful) and use your own Twitter account to sign up and track your favourite IoTs.

Here is a map of all the odd things that are publicly connected to the internet in Hong Kong, from weather and pollution tracking hardware to ships and Raspberry Pies.