December 7, 2023

Bumper GenAI Talks at Web Wednesday HK

It's been a tumultuous year...full stop! 

You know the world has been turned upside down when board battles at OpenAI lead news headlines, ahead of the Gaza hostage release and Binance's US$4bn fine. 

Once again, I find myself out of breath trying to keep up with the latest developments in AI, looking at creative ways to apply GenAI and GPTs to my daily job. 

What better a way to learn than to invite an AI practitioner, a Korean mathematical scientist who went from quant trading for banks to replacing research teams with automated AI bots. Our guest speaker for the "AI round-up of 2023" is Stephen Joon Choi, Co-Founder, CTO and Responsible Officer at Asklora, "a deep-tech startup committed to automating the role of financial advisors and research analysts to put professional-level investing strategies and insights right in the hands of everyday investors". 

We won't just speak about his new business but also dig deeper into the current and future evolution of AI, unravelling many of the acronyms, including "GenAI, LLMs (open and closed), RAG, RLHF and tackling where it could all go! 

Given the topic of artificial intelligence, we've once again asked to capture the various speakers in the transcript below. You can also listen whilst you read. Apologies for the poor audio quality as it was recorded on my iPhone. Recorded at CLUB DAO in Sheung Wan on 6th December 2023.