November 23, 2010

Get Spoilt with Exquisite Prizes

The entrepreneurial founders of local Hong Kong start-up, , have generously sponsored the following "gifts of experience" for tomorrow's 42nd Web Wednesday social mixer:

3rd Prize: Make your own CD (admit it, you love karaoke!)

2nd Prize: In-office Stress-buster Massage (who doesn't need one of these?)

1st Prize: 3-hour Handmade Chocolate Master Class (yummy!)

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November 21, 2010

Check-in China: Social Mixer V42.0 (24th Nov)

Hear ye, hear ye!

Now that you've all become accustomed to checking in via the web everywhere you go, it's time to introduce you to the latest craze to hit the mobile internet in China, namely "Jiepang". (The Chinese "街旁" means "beside the street").

On Wednesday 24th November, I'll be interviewing David Liu, Co-Founder of Jiepang, China's latest location-based social network (think FourSquare with Chinese characteristics). David cut his entrepreneurial teeth in Taiwan with "Wozai". After studying at UCLA, David worked on several start-ups in social networking, desktop software, and mobile software. David grew up in Silicon Valley and today lives in both Beijing and Shanghai. (Recent photo of David below taken at Sina Weibo's 1st Developer Conference in Beijing).

Let us know that you're coming by signing up on Facebook or our contact form on this blog.

CNN recently interviewed David as shown on this video hosted by Tudou (ironic, inst it?

The event will kick off at 6:30pm and wind up around 9:30pm, with the interview starting at 7:15pm. As per usual, there's a HK$100 entrance fee, including one complimentary drink and the chance to win lucky draw prizes.

Jiepang is also generously sponsoring up to 100 drinks if you use Jiepang to check into the venue at the event. Venue is the still-stylish Volar Bar & Club, Basement, 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong.

The steps are simple: (1) Register for Jiepang (via, (2a) Download the App (iPhone or Android) or (2b) Mobile surf to, (3) Check into Volar, (4) Show your badge (sample below) to the Jiepang staff who will issue a coupon, (6) Show coupon to bar tender, (7) Bob's your uncle!

(Wonder how many of you will try to outwit the system by just showing the above jpeg?).

Here's an introductory video explaining how Jiepang works and why you'd want to join.

As per usual, there's a HK$100 entrance fee, including one complimentary drink and the chance to win lucky draw prizes, sponsored by

Our lovely assistant, Vivian, will issue receipts if you need one. (For students, you can get in for HK$50 without free booze). Thereafter, all standard drinks will be charged at special happy hour prices. 10% of entrance fees will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong.

You can connect with Jiepang across several social media channels: their blog (, Twitter (@jiepangtw), Facebook (jiepanghk), Plurk (does anyone still use this?), Sina Weibo (, Douban and in person at Web Wednesday V42.0 on 24th November 2010!

November 11, 2010

Autism Stories to Share

Remember Communications Shutdown? Did you shutdown your social media on Nov 1st?

These are the kids who feel this every day and will enjoy the benefits of this charity activity.

Read some moving stories about life with autism.

LinkedIn - Facebook for Suits!

LinkedIn has become the “Facebook for suits!” (Quote copyrighted by Napoleon Biggs). For the more B2B or shy-of-consumers type client, LinkedIn presents an interesting way to dip your toe into social media. A quick summary of some core functions:

1) Search: you can pick to search by ‘people, jobs, companies, answers, inbox and groups”. As you type, it suggests results just like Google Suggest.

2) Answers: allows questions in multiple languages (I tried “中国">” and got this result. Brands can sponsor categories, like Philips is sponsoring “Health”.

3)Groups: have now evolved into more lively forums, where you can ‘Like’ ‘Comment’, Flag’ or ‘Share’ via Twitter. As the group owner, you get to set the rules of engagement, accept or reject members, post promotions, move topics to the top (“Manager’s Choice”) and link your news feeds to blogs, twitter or other RSS feeds. Come see register for Web Wednesday's Group on LinkedIn to see it in action.

4) Companies (beta): is very much like Facebook Pages in that you can chose to “Follow” a company. The default setting seems to be ‘Overview’ and ‘Careers’ but Philips has a whole section on ‘Products & Services’ that you can recommend, join, comment and share (via Twitter). And then you get fascinating statistics, pulled off LinkedIn’s database that provide various demographic breakdowns of the people in your company, what job tier they are, how long they’ve worked for you, who’s been promoted (new titles) and who’s left (departures) - you can even see which new company they joined! It also shows the company growth as reflected in staff numbers on the LinkedIn database! Check out the Philips Statistics

5) Direct Ads: again similar to Facebook Ads in that you can target by gender and age geography, job function and seniority, industry and company size. You only pay per click and can set a daily budget. Read all about it here.

Best of all, LinkedIn has a Page on Facebook and Facebook has a Companies page on LinkedIn.

November 10, 2010

Photos from Social Mixer V37.0

And how could I forget the great interview with Jeremiah Ohyang??

Photos from Social Mixer V38.0

Realised that I hadn't posted this set either. (Too damn busy, sorry!)

Photos from Social Mixer V39.0

Whilst I'm at it, here's the photos from Web Wednesday Social Mixer V39.0.

Photos from Social Mixer V41.0

Don't be shy, you were there. Come spot yourself at the last Web Wednesday Social Mixer (V41.0).

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