October 22, 2021

SCMP China Internet Report 2021

The autumn is fast upon us and it’s time to curl up with a warm cup of Tie Guan Yin to learn about the latest SCMP report on the state of the internet in China

Over the last twelve months, China has not only added 85 million internet users but also cracked down on a wide sway of dominant technology players, erasing US$1 trillion in valuation. 

Even with all these worrying headlines, China’s tech entrepreneurs continue to pioneer, launching new business models in AI, blockchain, digital marketing, ecommerce, healthcare, gaming, payment, smart cars and 5G. 

You’re invited to join this free webinar at 5-6pm on Wednesday 27th October for a live, zoom-side chat with John Artman, Technology Editor at the South China Morning Post.

Given that the full report is over 138 pages long, John and I will use the 60-minute interview to focus on the overall consumer economy and how technology is helping to shape it, from addressing new audiences, like the Sheconomy and Sinking Markets, to launching new digitally-savvy brands on the metaverse and expanding into South East Asia. 

 The interview will continue as a typical "fireside chat" for 60 minutes and then I will facilitate 20-30 minutes of questions; one condition, show your face when you ask the question as it's more compelling to see your expression and hear your voice! See you on Zoom at 5pm on Wednesday 27th October, 2021.