June 28, 2007

Wiki'd Web Wednesday!

A sociable gang of 20 or so digitally-enabled people (does this mean we have fingers?) turned up last night at the Bohemian Lounge. The vibe was good and plenty of mixing went on.

A wide range of topics were covered including: what we all do, money laundering in World of Warcraft, alternative versions of what 'www' could stand for ("Wiki'd Web Wednesday" was the cleanest!) and Hong Kong's female hockey teams. Oh, and we must not forget Facebook , where Web Wednesday has been set up as an official Group so do join, if you're brave enough (and like the latest fads!).

The event was graced with representatives from activ8 Worldwide, Adify, Atomic Sushi, Cartoon Network, CNN, DataPipe, Game Guru, ion global, nielsen, Palava Digital, Reuters, SoftBank China & India, trans cosmos, Two Way TV and WebDNA Interactive.

Mark your diaries (and Facebook) for the next Wiki'd Web Wednesday event on 25th July at the Bohemian Lounge, 3-5 Old Bailey Street, SOHO, Central, Hong Kong (next to the old prison, for those of you who visited it!).

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