September 3, 2007

Hold the Quechup!

Be warned! New social networking site, quechup, is using under-handed tactics to acquire members. When it seems that you are simply being asked to "check for friends" by entering your email address and password, the bandits will proceed to mail all your contacts without asking permission.

If you've fallen for their trap, like many networking addicts have, be ready to issue apologies to your friends for “spamming” them inadvertently.

On the flip side, we have to thank these crafty crooks for making us aware of such an easy way to access our address books, all because we want more friends. The PR fallout from such an event is going to lead to change in the invite process and may well halt some of the viral referral elements of social networking.

1 comment:

Napoleon Biggs said...

Apparently, this was also a practice of Hi5, another social networking site. How did they get away with it?