November 22, 2007

Creative Commons Workshop - Nov 24

If you're looking to create content online and are wondering how to protect and share it, then here's just the event for you: Creative Commons - Practical Workshop.

Creative Commons defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright (c) — all rights reserved — and the public domain (pd) — no rights reserved. By making content "Some Rights Reserved" you let people easily share your work all over the world. This also gives others the right to remix and reuse creative works under Creative Commons licenses legally, without the fear of infringing others copyright.

The workshop will be held from 9:30 - 12:30 on Saturday 24th November at HKU SPACE Admiralty Learning Centre. Topics to be covered

1) What is Creative Commons, how it works, and what is the value of Creative Commons for Hong Kong, and its policy implications.

2) Tips, tools and practical skills of using Creative Commons licenses - how to use Creative Commons licensed work, and how to publish your work under Creative Commons license.

3) The variety of creative works available in the Creative Commons including music, photos, educational materials, and others.

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