October 14, 2008

Web Wednesday Guangzhou - 15th Oct

Our good friend, Doctor Lonnie Hodge, CEO of Culture Fish Media, is hosting the 4th Web Wednesday event in Guangzhou on 15th October. You can sign up for the event on Facebook or simply turn up in person, if you're heading "up north".

Topic: Web Advertising Alchemy with Des Walsh and Peter Burton

Peter Burton is Operations Director at Oriented Media and a veteran of the internet. He is a co-founder of Activ8 (now Oriented Media) a digital marketing and adserving company. Prior to starting Oriented Media he was a member of the start-up team for SpaceAsia Media, Asia's first adserving network which was subsequently sold to CMGI in 2000. Peter has honed his online advertising alchemy skills at Oriented Media and SpaceAsia Media.

Prior to that Peter was part of the start-up team at Magictel, Hong Kong's first VoIP phone card business which subsequently became now e-Kong.

In an earlier life as a Management Consultant Peter worked with a range of Telecom and Financial Services organisations in Asia and in Europe. He has a track record for managing turn-arounds and of leading trouble-shooting and business rescue projects.

Peter has a degree in Engineering and an MBA from Henley Management College in the UK. Originally from the West Indies, Peter has worked in Asia for 12 years and is currently based in Hong Kong.

Des Walsh is a social media strategist, business coach, international speaker, blogger, author and podcaster. He is also a fine story teller, gregarious and passionate about helping business people see how social media can enhance their businesses. He established his own consulting, training and coaching business after a successful career in public service. Des also pushes the industry forward through his membership of International Association of Coaching and the Advisory Board of the International Blogging and New Media Association and the Social Media Club.

The crowd in Guangzhou is very different to that in Hong Kong so do make the effort to pop over to see our cousins up there, if you have the chance.

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