August 18, 2009

Web Wednesday: global network, local community!

Since launching in Hong Kong back in June 2007, one of my goals was to build an active community of people who are passionate or simply curious about the Internet and digital media. By joining Web Wednesday and attending the local social mixeres, you are qualified to become a member of the "Asian Digerati".

Even in the depths of the current economic tsunami, it turns out that the entrepreneurial community spirit is still very much alive. We now have budding communities and regular monthly gatherings in the following cities (note that not all are in Asia!):

Hong Kong: Started by Napoleon Biggs in June '07

Singapore Started by Kevin Tan, Joe Nguyen and Andy Tu in November 2007.

Guangzhou: Started by Lonnie Hodge in July 2008.

Beijing: Started by Jim James, Oliver Dooley and Daniel Shi in March 2009.

Jakarta: Started in April 2009.

Halmstad (Sweden): Started by Mikael Ohren in May 2009.

Bangkok: Started by a large group of Thai Digerati in July 2009.

Ho Chi Min: Started by Chris Tran in August 2009.

Now that we have the foundation of a truly multinational network, I've set up a Fan page on Facebook under the "Web Wednesday Asia" moniker so that we can all link up via one easy to use page. A unified blog is on the way. In the meantime, do become a Fan and tell us if you like this way of joining up all the cities.

Web Wednesday Asia on Facebook

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