November 11, 2009

Podcast: Jay Oatway, Twitter Star

The moment you've all been waiting for...the podcast of the interview with Jay Oatway, Hong Kong's top Twitter Star, recorded at Web Wednesday Hong Kong - Social Mixer V28.0.

A BIG thank you to our part-time "Multimedia Producer", Henry Oh. Somehow, he finds the time to run Socialutions, the Hong Kong Startup Association, have a good social life... and remove all the naughty bits from our podcasts!


Unknown said...

Can you monetize Twitter? Of course you can.

It's not a scam. Not everything are scams.

Josh Lam

Napoleon Biggs said...

Thanks for the note, Josh. I'm not sure where the "scam" element comes in. Yes, well aware of people and companies monetising Twitter, be it directly like Dell through sales offers or indirectly, selling books or training courses.