October 6, 2010

Jakarta Tweet-Up: Inspiring!

Thanks to Marcel Ekkel (Twitter.com/marcelekkel) who introduced me to Della Wijaya (twitter.com/della_w), the community manager of Yahoo! Koprol, I met an inspiring group of Indonesian digerati at a Tweet-Up in Jakarta last night. With a witty twinkle in her eye, Della set up the hashtag for the event, "#BiggsTU"! See the related tweets (and some photos) here.

As my Flip was at hand, I thought it'd be fitting to quickly introduce everyone. So here they are in full glory (slightly pixelated by the video transfer):

You can follow some of them on Twitter, which has taken Indonesia by storm. Now it is the third largest community on Twitter after the US and Japan.

@della_w, @NicoAlyus, @FarahMangun, @nilatanzil, @AdityaSani, @pitra, @alderina, @wiwikwae, @aulia, @thomasarie, @aulia and @auliamasna.

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