March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake - Ustream coverage

Japanese broadcaster, NHK, has turned to Ustream to further spread it's live coverage of the aftermath of the recent earthquake off the coast of Sendai. I managed to catch the Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, talking to the nation just now on this channel.
Watch the live video feed on uStream (in Japanese) or the embed below:

The fiercely independent journalist, Iwakami Yasumi (Twitter: @iwakamiyasumi), is also in the area finding out more about the repercussions of the explosion at Fukushima 1 nuclear plant. Watch his ustream channel below:

Google has set up a crisis response website linking to all kinds of useful information and promoting it's "person finder" service by spreading the widget below. Notice the choice of languages: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Google is also offering maps of safe shelters around different cities in Japan. This one is for Tokyo:

より大きな地図で 東京都内避難場所 を表示

An alternative version of the news coverage is also available on Global Voices.

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