December 13, 2011

12 Contestants for Battle of the Apps II

Twelve brave contestants will be competing to win our second "Battle of the Apps" contest, held on 14th December at Bisous, 9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong. Let us know your coming on Facebook, LinkedIn or our webform.

1) Frenzoo: We have our first contestant for Battle of the Apps! The 3D gauntlet has been thrown!The first 3D fashion game on mobile (now in beta). 10,000 installs so far. Download the Android app here.

2) 8Securities: Our 2nd brave challenger describes themselves as, "your own powerful and customizable trading portal where you can select the markets, trading tools, news & research, videos and social apps that are right for you. Our fully integrated social network will give you direct access to a smart community of like-minded investors and traders to learn from and exchange ideas."

3) Rapfox player: The battle will be televised! Rapfox Player is a free, easy and high performance video player, that supports rm, rmvb, mkv, avi, mp4, mov and 3gp video files. You can play high definition videos in Android phone directly. Download from the Android Market.

4) The Pinbook: The bashful Blackberry enters the fray! "Pinbook is a social application that allows anyone to reach out and meet new people. Designed to be compatible with BBM™, Pinbook allows you to connect with other BBM™ users through the new BBM™ Connected feature. Working along with the BBM™ social platform, Pinbook easily integrates with your BBM™ to add new friends". Download from Blackberry App World.

5) OpenBar: a real-time guide to happy hours and more in Hong Kong. In their own words, "Openbar is the largest interactive bars and clubs directory in Hong Kong. With the GPS location, it tells you which bars are nearby you in list or map view, each bar having its own profile with full description. Openbar is a free iPhone app that covers all bars in Hong Kong, Kowloon and even New territories. Openbar goes further than a simple directory with functions such as a Current Happy Hour Locator, Real-Time action finder and spotter, Facebook Friends Locator, Check-in function that allows you to receive instant exclusive offers from participating bars and more." Download from iTunes.

6) Tell me@1823: Even the Hong Kong SAR Government is joining the Battle of the Apps! Come vote for efficient government! Their description, "Makes it easy for you to report anything that bugs you around town to Government for action. The app allows GPS, photo and audio functions to be used along with messaging, keeps a record of reports you have made and alerts you to responses made by Government agencies." Download from iTunes.

7) Where is Dr.Sun?: The Honourable Dr. Sun Yat-sen (or his footprint on Hong Kong) joins as our 7th contestant for Battle of the Apps. Come vote for heritage! "An augemented reality application with mini-games, designed to introduce people in a fun way to Dr Sun Yat-sen and his historical footprint on Hong Kong." Download on iTunes.

8) Live Tracker Monitor: An interesting B2B app has come in as contestant #8 - LiveTracker - connect your Playbook to your Blackberry users to see where your colleagues are hanging out! Download here.

In their own words, "With this application, you will be able to see the exact locations of the tracked BlackBerry smartphones on a world map. Once you have the device ID (PIN) of a BlackBerry smartphone with Live Tracker, you will be able to track the exact location of that device. The location is then stored securely on our servers and gets pushed to your Playbook when it is connected to the internet."

9) Digital and Music Matters: The paperless version of Digital and Music Matters Conferences, with event listings, speaker and musician profiles, live video and DJ feeds joins the Battle of the Apps. Bring on the Rockers! Download the app here (multiple options).

10) The Exonerator: Now here's an unusual app that's come in as our 10th contestant, "The Exonerator - Your Alibi when you need one. Lets you prove where you were, anytime." Download on iTunes.

Tempted? There's more..."The Exonerator won't disclose your location to anyone else but you. But it will record it on your phone, ready for when you need it. The Exonerator keeps recording your whereabouts even when you are using your iPhone for other things, like reading your email or making a phone call. Just choose the time and The Exonerator will pinpoint your location on a map and show the approximate address of where you were then."

11) FTP Server: a  very practical free software, FTP upload and download, via your Android phone or tablet. Download from Android Market.

12) RiceCooker Cat: A game inspired by the inventor's cat, which always curled up inside a rice cooker! I guess anything can become an app nowadays! Download from iTunes.

And finally...

13) YumTable: Born in Australia in April 2011, our 13th contestant is a "SoLoMoFo" app - "social, location, mobile, food" for finding and booking great restaurants meals. Download from iTunes.

Each contestant will have five minutes to present their work, we then take a few questions from the floor. At the end of all the presentations, the audience votes for their favourite app, who is then awarded the top prize of US$500 in Amazon web hosting credit plus a Kindle Fire!

Come join the fun and spread the word via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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