December 20, 2012

Pyongyang Racer - North Korean Online Game

Looking for some idle fun to while away a few minutes in the office before Christmas? Play this retro car racing game from North Korea! Who says advergaming doesn't work in communist dictatorships!

The creative geniuses at Koryo Tours commissioned a DPRK (North Korea) gaming company to develop a racing game that lets you drive around Pyongyang in a locally made Pyonghwa Motors vehicle, see some of the sites and compete for a good race time!

Collect fuel along the way, avoid the attentions of Pyongyang's traffic ladies, and try not to crash into any of the local cars, or the DHL vans!

Find out more about Koryo Tours via their website, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, see their photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and watch their slideshows on SlideShare. (Are these guys digital marketing savvy or what?).


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