November 18, 2013

Contestants for Battle of the Apps V

A wide range of mobile app entrepreneurs will be taking to the stage for our 5th Battle of the Apps, held at Bisous (9/F LKF Tower, Central, Hong Kong), 6:30pm - 9:30pm on Wednesday 20th November, 2013.

This event is open to anyone interested in seeing the latest Hong Kong start-ups in the mobile space. Let us know that you're coming - and see who else will be there - by signing up via Facebook or MeetUp.

As app development is so hot in Hong Kong at the moment, the contest has been over-subscribed. Unfortunately, we've had to turn down a few entrepreneurs but, no need to worry, we will hold another battle of the apps in early 2014.

Here are our ten brave contestants, listed in order of contest registration. (Each app description comes from the contestant themselves. If we cannot find the intro video, we have just posted a screenshot of the app).

Contestant #1 - Easy Taxi
Using a passenger’s location, the app contacts the nearest taxis to the user and allows the passenger to see which taxi has accepted their request. By showing the driver’s picture, license number and phone number as well as allowing the passenger track in real time how close the taxi is to their location, getting a taxi in Hong Kong has never been safer and more convenient. Read more on their website, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Download the app from iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry Apps World and Samsung App Stores.

Contestant #2 - Maaii
Maaii is a new mobile communications app for iOS and Android devices that combines calls, chat functions and social network integration. Read more on their website. Follow them on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo and YouTube. Download from iTunes and Google Play.

Contestant #3 - meToo!
meToo! is the world's first location based app that allows anybody to quickly create, share, comment and rsvp to microevents with friends, or like minded people nearby. It's a Twitter-like service but with event management options. A micro-event on meToo! is a small, informal and spontaneous gathering with your friends, or people nearby with the same interest, hobby or demographic profile. Read more on their website. Download from iTunes.

Contestant #4 - Spottly
Spottly is an app that aims to make it really easy for anyone to create and share their travel notes of places they’ve been to or places they want to go to. Spottly is seed investment by 500Startups, a Silicon Valley early-stage seed fund and startup accelerator founded by Dave McClure, back in April 2013. Matt Cheng of Cherubic Ventures is leading Spottly’s angel round. As of October 14, 2013, Spottly has been selected by Apple to be featured on the App Store’s “Best New Apps” in 15 countries, which includes Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos. Read more on their website. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Angel List. Download from iTunes.

Contestant #5 - Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer is an Augmented Reality app that enables static objects, documents or geolocated areas to be linked to dynamic and immersive interactive content - everything from games, videos, websites, 3D animations, youtube and social media feeds can be linked by the app to objects such as a buildings statues, magazines, posters, walls and even the sky. More on their website. Follow the creator on Twitter. Download from iTunes.

Contestant #6 - Radio Chinwag
The app is designed for you to practise speaking English and to get feedback on your language abilities from your peers and from teachers. Feedback is in the form of ratings on Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar and Accent, as well as individual comments. You can build your own community of English learners with the same age, location or ability as you. Read more on their website. Follow on Twitter and Facebook. Download from iTunes and Google Play.\

Contestant #7 - HiBaby Diary
HiBaby Diary is the first App that allows writing and printing the multimedia diary of your baby's first year. Memories you and your family will keep forever. HiBaby Diary is a perfectly web-integrated system for iPhone and iPad that lets you share reading and writing the most important moments of your baby’s first year of life with your family and friends, in real time: text, pictures, video. Once completed the diary can be printed too in a big luxury customized book available with a choice of bindings. Read more on their website. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, 56 (China) and Youku. Download for iPhone or iPad (different versions).

HiBaby Diary - The App from on Vimeo.

Contestant #8 - Chope
Chope offers diners instantly confirmed reservations at some of the finest restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore. Read more on their website. Follow on Facebook, TwitterGoogle Plus or Instagram. Download from iTunes or Google Play.

Contestant #9 - Petrol Usage Tracker
With Petrol Usage Tracker users can easily keep track of their fuel consumption. Simple and easy to use, the app provides a handy possibility to get an overview of this important household expense. Create a profile for your car and enter the distance driven and the amount and price of newly added petrol to get your average fuel spending calculated for you. The app fully supports metric and imperial units and is able to show a car's fuel consumption in liter per 100 kilometers or miles per gallon. The fuel expense can be shown in any of the world's currencies and can even be converted into another currency at the current exchange rate! Visit the developer website (S4BB). Follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Contestant #10 - Spotdesign
Spot designs you like in the street, exhibitions and so and and share it with your friends. Post your content to buyMeDesign. Read more on their website. Follow buyMeDesign on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or YouTube. Download from iTunes.

Good luck to all our contestants. Come see these budding entr-app-reneurs in action at Web Wednesday's popular Battle of the Apps event on 20th November, 2013.

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