April 28, 2021

TMall Hong Kong Speaks at Web Wednesday

Hope you're faring well and are enjoying vaccine-induced freedom, at least mentally. 

The battle for online marketplaces, which has already hit the rest of South East Asia, is coming to Hong Kong! The Alibaba Group will be launching TMall Hong Kong (天猫香港) in May 2021 and is eagerly recruiting merchants, advertisers and buyers. (See official press release).

TMall HK at Web Wednesday (V133)

For our 133rd Web Wednesday (5-6pm on Weds 28th April), we have the pleasure of interviewing Sharon Gai, Director of Global Key Accounts for the Alibaba Group

Reserve your spot on Zoom now, pre-register here

Alibaba Group Website

As Chinese internet firms have become the global pioneers in ecommerce, we will cover a wide range of topics, including: 
  • The phenomenal growth of online marketplaces and the role that Alibaba plays, with TMall Global, AliExpress, Lazada and, now, TMall HK. 
  • The evolution of the online shopping experience, from desktop to mobile, static catalogue to live streaming.
  • The role of a local marketplace and how merchants can benefit from branded stores, recommendations and reviews, sales events, targeted advertising and local delivery support. 
  • Ease of payment, encouraged by spending rewards. 
  • O2O: using e-shops to drive business to offline stores, and vice versa. 
  • Data: who owns it and how to extract value 
If you're a merchant looking to set up shop on TMall Hong Kong, either email us or visit the TMall Hong Kong merchant portal, currently only available in Chinese (See screenshot below).

TMall HK Merchant Portal

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