August 28, 2007

PCCW launches Netvigator Everywhere

PCCW has just launched Netvigator Everywhere which gives you high-speed wireless Internet access all over Hong Kong. Their modem (pictured here, provided by Huawei) auto-switches between Wi-Fi (1Mbps downstream), HSDPA (72Mbps) and 3G (3Mbps). Following in the tradition of all Hong Kong telcos, who like to confuse users, packages are structured in order to incentivise long-term commitment. If you sign up for a 24-month contract at HK$388 per month ($488 for non-Netvigator subscribers) and pay HK$2,480 up-front, you will get a monthly rebate of HK$104. In effect, over the first two years you end up paying HK$225 per month for unlimited wireless access.

This all sounds great, but why would you want to pay for all this access when you can get it free from FON? Just pay HK$119 to buy your own modem to become a 'Fonero' and enjoy over 4,000 hotspots in Hong Kong and many more globally. Admittedly, FON only provides Wi-Fi connections and not the most reliable at times, but its' free. The truth is that most of us access the Internet either from our computers in the office and home or via our mobile phones (GPRS, 3G and HSDPA). Alternatively, you could sit in the back of a taxi and surf the net on Smartone-Vodafone's Broadband To Go at HK$100 for 50MB.

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