August 30, 2007

Social Mixing in the 80s!

Last night, we saw a rambunctious (haven't used that word in a long time!) crowd of 80 or so digerati turn up for Web Wednesday V4.0 at the Bohemian Lounge.

Although that colourful collection box didn't catch everyone's attention, here's a list of the newcomers who's namecards we managed to collect (apologies to those who missed out on this free promo): CD WOW!, Concept Idea, Debian GNU, Double Click, Dream Cortex, Global Sources, heathwallace, I Love Colour, Intel, Jade Tower, Kanda River, monimedia, Outblaze, Prodigious, QTEC, Shiny Leung Design, The HyperFactory and vquence.

Being a shy bunch, you seemed a little reticent to enter our first ever contest on Facebook, generously sponsored by the South China Morning Post.
So we decided to extend the contest into the venue itself and sent out our intrepid host, Napoleon Biggs, to record your responses to "I can't live without my daily fix of...because" in person. All contributions (some of them were wild!) will be submitted to the SCMP for final judging and presented at our next event on Tuesday 25th September. Please note the date change is due to this year's Mid-Autumn Festival falling on the following day.

However, amongst the three entries bravely submitted (Kevin Huang, Howard Hunt and Buzz light year), there was a winner selected for the top prize; namely, Mr. Hunt for his gloriously boyish production (all filmed and composed on his mobile phone!). You can enjoy his work below...

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