August 8, 2008

#080808 Beijing Olympics - Chinese Twitterati Buzz

Four renowned Chinese bloggers and active twitterers - flypig, webleon, babechloe and junyu - have come up with a great idea to use the hashtag "#080808" to track people's thoughts, comments and photos of the Beijing Olympics. ("080808" stands for 8th August 2008, the opening day of the Games).

In a short period of time, a Google programmer, Junyu Wang, has already built a clever mash-up, tracking the latest activities tagged with "#080808" from YouTube, Flickr, Technorati, and Google Blogsearch. See it all live here:

Drop by their blog (, download some icons and join the campaign. Many peopek have already created their own logos. You can see and edit many more here on Flickr.

I'm using this one as my Twitter background:

And this one, designed by Yiying Lu (famous for Fail Whale), as my Twitter icon:

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