August 1, 2008

Web Wednesday - Social Mixer V15.0 (6th August)

Calling All Hong Kong Digerati!

Come join our 15th social networking event. Meet, mix, learn and share your experiences in a casual and friendly atmosphere. To help us know, expected numbers please sign up for the event on Facebook.

This month, we will have a panel interview with two media experts who are helping their newspaper organisations move into the digital realm:

Michael Logan, Multimedia Editor for the South China Morning Post ( who has pioneered the print newspaper's venture into audio podcasting and vidcasting. In fact, today they have launched the revamped multimedia channel, using BrightCove to serve and share videos. They've also started to list the audio podcasts in blog format along with the show notes (easier to find on search engines), which contain valuable links to their music selection - these guys have great taste in music so well worth dropping by! Like their Olympic website, all the multimedia content is free!

Sam Hui, Business Director for Next Media Interactive, who manages and has started an interactive, audience participation video channel, called Apple Action News. Sam is the man behind many of the Apple Daily's ventures into the internet space and is actively involved in their new Olympic website.

As the event is 2 days before the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, we will naturally also discuss how online news organisations are using the internet to cover such as large scale event.

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