October 9, 2008

Last night's event - Hong Kong Start-Up Assocation

Great event last night. Good turn out even though Facebook wouldn't let me invite you all to the event and I had no time to send out the usual email invite.

Henry Oh gave us honest insight into the VC culture in Silicon Valley and how it differs from Hong Kong. He also offered some alternatives for funding, using debt rather than equity. (Not sure if it works in these days were "debt" is a dirty word!). 

We learnt about his goals for mentoring a local start-up culture and sharing knowledge to help entrepreneurs accelerate and fund their ventures from money in the Silicon Valley.

I'll be posting the interview to our podcast channel within the next week. 

In the meantime, you can read the pre-event blog posting or listen to previous interviews on Web Wednesday's podcast channel or follow my occasional musings on Twitter.

Our next event will be on Wednesday 5th November at Q97 in Lam Kwai Fong. Networking starts at 6:30pm with the speaker interview at 7pm.

We are finalising the speaker but it'll either be an animation start-up from Hong Kong or a leading video portal in China.

Keep pushing the digital envelope!


Anonymous said...

what about the layoffs by ebay and other tech companies in HK and the US? Is this the right time to be doing a startup?

Napoleon Biggs said...

Yes, of course. As all these lay-offs provide talented and experienced people looking for a new job. Remember that companies like eBay always over-hire in boom times and over-fire in recessions. For them it's all about head-count, not long-term strategy as they have shareholders to keep on board.

Why not ask Henry Oh himself?