April 17, 2009

A new library for Lian Er Ping Kids

A message from Tom Stader, founder of The Library Project, thanking Web Wednesday members for their contribution to help fund a new library (see my previous post) for school kids in Shaanxi province, China:

"Please find the photos of the library donation at Lian Er Ping Elementary School that the previous Web Wednesday made possible. This school received 300 Chinese language children's books, 1 book shelf, a globe, plant, paint for their classroom to brighten it up and Librarian Training. You all made a huge impact at Lian Er Ping Elementary School. Thank you!"

I uploaded the photos to Flickr and then used Vuvox to turn them into the collage below. It needs some music but I just didn't have time.

Read Tom's full blog post here. Our next donation will be going to help fund a library at Jin Ping Elementary School, also in rural Shaanxi Province.

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