May 19, 2009

6Waves Video - Making Money with Facebook Games

If you missed out on Web Wednesday Hong Kong's two year anniversary celebrations at our 24th Social Mixer in May, or were just too busy chatting at the bar, here's your second chance to catch Rex Ng, Co-Founder and MD of 6Waves, as he tells us how he tapped into the non-English speaking community on Facebook and found a creative way to make fistful's of dollars through advertising and the sale of virtual items.

Alternatively, you can download the full version from MotionBox here. YouTube doesn't allow me to upload more than 10 minutes or even link to the file, and I just don't have the time to break the video down into 10 minute portions. Still, we do have a rather empty Web Wednesday Wideo channel onYoutube, crying out for your contributions.

This time, we relied on the steady hand of an old friend and independent designer, James Chow, to record this on my Flip MinoHD. You can reach him on his website, Thanks for the creative input, Jim!


Anonymous said...

what's the deal with the fashion TV video in the background? lame lame lame!!

Napoleon Biggs said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Anonymous friend! I was wondering why the audience was so fixated and now I know!

To be serious, we were aware of the background video and are working with the venue on having it changed to a more static image. The thing is that they have one video feed for all the screens throughout their club - remember it is fundamentally a nightclub which explains the fashion video!

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