June 24, 2009

Podcast: Freestyle Beatboxing - HeartGrey and Anton

We warmed up the crowd - and really got Victor going! - with two local lads who performed freestyle beatboxing at the last Web Wednesday social mixer in June.

At first sight, they looked like two normal, timid high-school kids but...with a microphone in their hands, they became the groovy artists, known as "HeartGrey" and "Anton".

Listen to their performance by clicking on the play button below.

Many thanks again to Henry Oh, for editing out all the background noise and making a recording in a nighclub sound so good. Henry was a previous guest speaker at Web Wednesday Hong Kong and is the co-founder of Socialutions and the Hong Kong Start-Up Association.

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Koz said...

You guys should check out the Stylophpone Beatbox!