June 24, 2009

Podcast: Top100.cn - Gary Chen

If you missed Gary Chen, CEO of Top100.cn, guest speaker at our most recent social mixer (June 3) in Hong Kong, here's your chance to listen to the podcast.

I must admit that Gary was a quite challenge to interview as he held his cards very tightly to his chest. Nevertheless, it's worth a listen as - apart from hearing me speak Mandarin - Gary does admit to the difficulties being faced by music companies in China and explains how he sees Top100.cn's partnership with Google ("Google Music") becoming an advertising-driven role model for websites in other parts of the world. May they succeed!

A shout out to Henry Oh, for spending what little spare time he has to take this recording up a notch in terms of sound quality. Henry was a previous guest speaker at Web Wednesday Hong Kong and is the co-founder of Socialutions and the Hong Kong Start-Up Association.

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