September 1, 2009

Twitter: you ask @jayoatway

As the topic for this month's social mixer (2nd Sept) is Twitter, we're going to try out something new: A live feed of questions posed over the Twitter directly to @jayoatway. (It may get rowdy in which case I'll jump in to pick and chose the juiciest questions).

The folks at Volar have set up Wifi especially for this event and we'll have a big screen with a live stream of questions for the audience to view. To get heard, the rules are simple. Just add "askjay" to your tweet and it'll pop up on the screen. Click here to see the live results page on Twitter.

Warning: technology may prevent us from offering this on the night. So be kind.


terrinakamura said...

Hi - I hope you post the audio or video for this event with @jayoatway. I've been checking every day or so, hoping to catch it since I missed it when it was live.

Napoleon Biggs said...

Hi Terri: I'm hoping to get the audio up this weekend. Thanks for asking.

terrinakamura said...

Hey, Napolean. Just thought I'd see if you'd posted yet...patiently waiting. Thanks, Terri

terrinakamura said...

Hi, Napolean. I've checked in 5 or 6 times. Do you think you'll post it sometime?

Napoleon Biggs said...

Hey Terri. Finally got the audio edited and up for you to listen to Jay Oatway at your own leisure.

The post is here:

Apologies for the delay. I know you were keen to hear it.