December 31, 2009

Web Wednesday Hong Kong - Social Mixer V32.0 (Jan 6)

Happy New Year! May all your virtual 3D dreams come true!

We've had some great speakers over the last year, including star appearances from Guy Kawasaki and Matt Mullenweg. And let's not forget our local talented artists from Lumina, the Web Series!

In 2010, we'll continue to bring you a wide range of speakers to illustrate the amazing variety of activities that people conduct on the Internet.
We're kicking off the new year full of hope by talking about "How to become an eBay Millionaire?" with Benjamin Mark Wee, also known as "That eBay Guy", the Singaporean entrepreneur who successfully broke down barriers between online and offline retail, and made wads of money from doing so. Apart from tapping into his experience with eBay, we're going to find out where ecommerce is thriving in Asia and what his predictions are for the future direction of online shopping, like mobile payments etc.

As the last mixer was so cosy, we'll stick to our new venue at Backstage Live, 1/F Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central (just up the road from the famous Yung Kee Restaurant).

They continue to offer a special price of HK$40 per standard drink and they are offering 2 Free Admission Tickets to their live music shows (regular-price of HK$180 per ticket) as one of the lucky draw prizes.

The mixer will kick off at 6:30pm and wind up around 9:30pm, with the interview at 7:15ish. If we're lucky, Backstage might even have a live band perform later that night.

As per usual, there's a HK$100 entrance fee, including one complimentary drink. Our lovely assistant, Vivian, will issue receipts if you need one. (For students, you can get in for HK$50 without free booze). Thereafter, all standard drinks will be charged at a special discount of HK$40 each.

We will donate 10% of entrance fees to Oxfam's Unwrapped Gift Campaign, providing sheep and goats to poor farmers in China. Send your own goat.

It's the first Web Wednesday networking event of the year, so do come along and bring a new friend who's been curious but has never quite made it. Sign up Facebook or this blog. If you want the event added to your calendar, then click here.

Looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting many more new ones!

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