January 2, 2012

Inside Hong Kong's Mobile Apps Environment

One of my favourite things about running Web Wednesday is the amazingly wide range of people that I get to meet, not just on the stage but also in the audience. Off the back of our last social mixer in 2011, "Battle of the Apps II", I had the pleasure of meeting up with Douglas Crets, who seems to have a plum job flying around the world interviewing leading digerati for Re-wired and Fast Company. He also sits on the advisory board of Klout - I wonder what that job entails? (Do tell us, Doug!). Listen to his interviews on BlogTalkRadio and follow him on Twitter (@douglascrets) and the Re-Wired blog.

Unlike my Web Wednesday interviews, this time Doug turned his microphone on me to ask my thoughts on the latest developments in mobile entrepreneurship in Asia. Yes, it is far too big a subject to cover in a 25-minute interview but we made a good job of it. Listen to the interview below and read his blog post here. Thanks, Doug. I enjoyed it.

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