January 18, 2012

Web Wednesday Podcasts

Over the past four years, I've recorded almost every Web Wednesday interview. They were originally posted to Odeo, which consequently went bust and I lost many of the original recordings! You might recall that the founder of Odeo was Evan Williams, who has now hit the big time with Twitter. But, as they say in Silicon Valley, you need to fail twice before you can truly succeed. Read on GigaOm to Evan explain what he did wrong and the lessons her learned from "screwing up with Odeo".

I've also learned some lessons from Odeo, number one being to keep a copy of every file on my own, removable hard drive. I've also found a great new service for hosting podcasts (and music), "SoundCloud". There is a backlog of over 30 interviews waiting to be uploaded, but here are three for you to enjoy first:

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