May 20, 2012

Apps Battlers Line Up

It's only been five days since we invited submission for the upcoming Battle of the Apps III on 30th May 2012 and we already have five brave contestants.  (I'll list them in order of submission not preference).

1. Intuition Rubicon Mobile Learning Platform

Within 12 hours of opening the contest, we have our first brave contestant with a good business but not catchy name, "Intuition Rubicon Mobile Learning Platform". Since June 2007, their app has been downloaded 400,000 times! You can find it on the Apple Apps Store here.

This app "allows companies to push, track & record training, sales or compliance courses videos or podcasts across all devices iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and WinMob".

2. Fonetic Cantonese

Our 2nd contestant within 24 hours of contest launch is "Fonetic Cantonese", which they describe as "helps overseas Chinese people and other foreigners speak Cantonese instantly thanks to the more than 3,000 words & phrases you can 'hear' plus you can read the phonetic translations (Western PinYin)." This witty app has been downloaded 3,000 times since December 2012.

3. Coach's Clipboard

And the competition heats up! Our 3rd contestant for Battle of the Apps is a tool created by J Plus Corp to help coaches draw and animate plays on their mobile device (iOS, Mac, Android, etc) using their fingers. Coaches can move players, ball, draw lines and animate their plays/formations then easily share their plays via email or export them. 

Ranked "#1 paid sports iPad app" in Dec 2012. 10,000 downloads since it's launch on in June 2009. You can find it on iTunes.

4. Talking Phrasebooks

Our 4th contestant is a new offering from the prolific mobile developers at S4BB, which is a "Talking Phrasebook" for holiday trips to countries that speak Bavarian, Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Urdu, and - is this a language? - Oktoberfest! (Correction, "Oktoberfest Bavarian"). If you have a BlackBerry (70 million still do!), you can download it from their App World.

5. Chi Fan

Now that we've settled our linguistic curiosities, it's time to eat. Our 5th contestant for Battle of the Apps III is "Chi Fan" a guide to cooking Chinese food by Bess Inc. Already downloaded 100 times since its launch on 14th May 2012. Download the iPhone app here.

We're still recruiting contestants and sponsors so do spread the love using this link -

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