June 20, 2012

Entr-app-reneurs to the Battle

Time has flown past since our last Battle of the Apps but I've found a spare moment to gather some info on the second lot of brave contestants at who joined the fray on May 30th. [Read about the first set of contestants here].

Our 6th contestant, Doctor Hung's Healthy Soups (洪醫師-湯來自有方) teaches you how to make medicinal soups following old Chinese recipes. Ditch your burgers and live long with this app!

(Developed by Crossover International and download from iTunes).

Ever wondered how cracking eggs can improve your maths? The folk at Tiny Tapps have come up with just the game for you (and your tots). Smash your way to genius! [Download from iTunes].

Continuing with the theme of learning, the British Council has developed a set of interactive stories designed to help children who are learning to read and speak English, under their "LearnEnglish Kids" phonics programme - they're also using Twitter (@LearnEnglishKids). Let "super spies" Sam and Pam show you the way to phonic enlightenment. [Download from iTunes].

Enough about education already. Let's get outside and catch some butterflies. Ditch the net and use your smartphone! Conceived by the famous Japanese advertising firm, Dentsu (Media Palette), and produced by Hong Kong's home grown Cherry Picks, iButterfly has attracted more than 350,000 downloads with over 8 millions virtual butterflies caught so far! Build up your collection and follow them on Facebook too. [Download from iTunes or Google Play/Android].

 And, finally, an app for the B2B crowd: Busification - "Make Fun Work".  Using game incentives, this app enables businesses to manage work, motivate staff and analyse performance in an interesting and challenging way. Launched in beta at Web Wednesday, we hope to see this start-up grow beyond its wildest dreams.

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