July 31, 2012

GoAnimate at Web Wednesday

For our next social mixer on 29th August, we have lined up Alvin Hung, Founder & CEO of GoAnimate, the world's No. 1 do-it-yourself animated video website.

A serial techpreneur, Alvin started his digital cartoon company in Hong Kong in 2007, which how has several million users and has worked with content owners such as Cartoon Networks (Turner). In the interview, I'll be asking Alvin how he funded, launched and resourced a new web business from Hong Kong, how he makes money from a freemium business model and how he managed to win over global content owners as his partners.

[Updated 28th August, 2012] More background on GoAnimate from Alvin:

2008: Launched at ComicCon. Featured on Mashable and CNN.

2009: First Enterprise Customer - Time Warner Asia.

2010: Character Creator application launched, allowing you to create your own cast of actors. Premium membership launched.

2011: GoAnimate For Schools launched. Partnership with YouTube. Opened office in Bay Area.

2012: GoAnimate For Business launched. HKICT Best Collaboration Grand Award winner.

- Over 4 million users and more than 8 million videos created. Most users from English speaking countries but people also come to us from all over the world.

- Offices in Bay Area and Hong Kong

- 18 people

- Backed by Angels.

- Alvin founded GoAnimate because I was trying to create a video myself and I couldn't do it. All the tools required me to learn complex software, draw, use a camera, or have actors.

Our 61st social mixer will be on Wednesday 29th August at Bisous, 9/F, LKF Tower, Central, Hong Kong. The event kicks off at 6:30pm and finishes at 9:30pm with the interview starting at around 7:15pm.

You can see who else is coming by signing up on Facebook or Google Plus.

Go ahead and create your own animations - we will show a selection of the most creative on the night.

If you truly love animations and want to keep abreast of new developments in online cartoons, follow GoAnimate on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and/or Pinterest.

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