July 19, 2007

Best Lifestyle Award - HK ICT Awards 2007

The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (“HKITF”) will be running a briefing session this afternoon (4-6:30 p.m.) in Cyberport for those who want to enter or know more about their new award - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007: Best Lifestyle Award - for the application, product or website that has used information and communication technology (ICT) to improve the quality of life. The HKITF has lofty goals in promoting this award, which are:

1. To promote greater use of ICT in the community.
2. To encourage local and original software development and promote improved creativity in the exploitation of technology.
3. To educate the community about the importance of ICT in their daily lives.
4. The promotion of the winning entries’ would lead to their greater and better use by our community for the betterment of our quality of life.

There is a networking event after the official announcements so do pop along (if you can call a trip to Cyberport a "pop") to start rubbing shoulders with up and coming IT moguls.

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