July 23, 2007

China Internet Users - An Official Analysis

According to a recent report released by the China Network Information Center (CNNIC), China's internet population has increased by 25 million people in the last six months to reach a grand 162 million Internet users.

What makes this report even more interesting is the breakdown of who the users are and how they use the Internet in China. Essential extracts below:

  • Over half of all Internet users(51.2%) are under age 25.
  • Instant messaging (IM) is used more often to communicate than email (69.8% vs. 55.4%).
  • Over 37% of users access the Internet from Internet cafes.
  • Chinese youth (under 25) primarily go on the Internet in search of entertainment, namely music (91.4%), movies (79.6%) and online games (67.1%).

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