October 11, 2007

4As plus ADMA equals 5As?

After a decade of on-and-off dating, the Asia Digital Marketing Association and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong (4As) will be finally joining in happy matrimony to run this year's Digital Marketing Conference.

The event has been given a grandiose title - "Creating the Future" - and will be taking place on Friday 2nd November 2007 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.
If you're a member of either association, you'll need to pay HK$1,000, if not it's an extra HK$200. You can register here.

There will be speakers and panelists (my lucky self included) discussing the following topics:

  • Creativity across channels: A tight budget is the mother of invention!
  • Being brave in Thailand.
  • New media & non traditional channels: How EA Games is making marketers re-think their approach.
  • Multiplatform media: Planning and buying in a changed world.
  • How ZUJI developed a successful eCommerce business.
  • Amazing things you can do with Flash Video.
  • Adapting your campaign for mobile.
  • Migrating a traditional cosmetics VIP loyalty program online (on a shoestring budget!)
  • Why we moved from traditional to online marketing.
  • Social Networking: How to leverage this phenomenon in your marketing campaign.
  • Best of the best: top work from the world’s top creative shows.

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