October 5, 2007

Web Wednesday V5.0 reaches 100!

Thanks to all the 100 or so digerati who joined our fifth Web Wednesday event held on 3rd October 2007. Our stylish new venue, Lotus Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, was admired by many, with special compliments paid to the beautiful South African greeter (or was she the bouncer?).

Plenty of new faces, with a couple of visitors from the likes of Shanghai and Singapore. The following companies were brave enough to drop their cards in the colourful card collection box: addict, aiya media, Beansbox, Born For Sports, Deyey (pronounced "d-eye-y"), Digital Dimension, doremus, Dookaz, fast search, fon hk, gjones, gravitas, , Hong Kong Phooey, Intel Semiconductor, International Herald Tribune, Metia, Milaga, Red Bricks Media, South China Morning Post, the interactive channel and outblaze.

We tested out our first on-site casual interview, known as a "sofa session chat", with Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixel Media Asia. Initially, the circular room was quite conducive to holding an interview but soon the audience was too big to fit. So next time, we will open up and start to use microphones. For those of you who couldn't catch everything, you can listen to the entire interview in our earlier posting here.

Only once did the rawdy crowd quieten down, when
Howard Hunt (The HyperFactory) stood up to announce the winner of this month's mobile quiz. People's hands expectantly grasped their mobile phones as Howard called the winner, 'and the lucky winner of a HK$1,500 Lotus bar tap is...Eda Chow (Frenzoo)'. So you know who to invite out for a drink now!

Apart from Lotus and The HyperFactory, we also like to thank Outblaze for sponsoring the event. You can expect to see a lot more fun involvement from this provider of white-label Web 2.0 platforms in the future.

The event has already received some coverage in the local blogosphere with a posting on Hong Kong Phooey, a popular blog on the latest gadgets.

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