October 23, 2007

YouTube - funying, funying!

YouTube co-founder and CTO, Steve Chen, was in town to announce the launch of the local Youtube site. Not only has the interface being translated into Traditional Chinese with Chinese search capabilities, but it also has content from local providers such as Asia Television (ATV), the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

This photo (thanks to the Hong Kong Standard) shows Cheung Wai-Kit, ATV Vice President of Programming; Miranda Chan, RTHK 's Head of Program & Content Management; Steve Chen (the spikey haired YouTube co-founder); Kenneth Wong, HKTB's Head of Consumer Marketing and singers at the front from the local band, A-dAY.

'Chen sinsaang' had some rather flattering comments to make about amateur content he'd seen on Youtube HK, "The video clips and music added by the Hong Kong people have been great and full of creativity. The Hong Kong version of YouTube will allow such talents to reach the globe."

Here's our chance to prove to the world that Hong Kong is more than a city full of bankers and garment traders!

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