July 3, 2008

Prize winners - Quamnet Goodies

Last night, at our 14th social mixer, we warmed up the audience with an on-site quiz where you were asked to send your answer to this question via SMS.

And the winners are...

Bronze: Quam Financial Advisory x 6 mths (worth HK$1,920)
Richard Cohen, Talented Open Source Programmer (Linux) who also blogs under the wry pseudonym of Wandering Jew.

Silver: Quam Money Full Page Ad (HK$15,000)
Sherry Wong, General Manager of GoHome.

Gold: Quamnet Email ad x 1 time (worth HK$35,000)
Peter Steyn, Managing Director of Aha! Research

Thanks to Quamnet for the generous prizes and Hyperfactory for the mobile quiz platform.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Super fabulous! Thanks Quamnet + Web Wednesday...from all of us at www.GoHome.com.hk