July 31, 2008

Who's news looks best on my iphone?

As I continue to discover the mobile web with my trusty iPhone (still the 2.5G version), it dawns on me that this gadget will be the one missionary that successfully converts the non-believers to the ways of the mobile web.

As the Olympics is around the corner, I thought I'd test out some leading news websites to see which looked best on my iphone, or in this case the web-based iphone emulator, iphonetester.com.

These screenshots speak for themselves:

South China Morning Post
Mainly text links, little multimedia, need to log in.


Crisp navigation, nice video, fun audio but SMS alerts only in the UK.


Crisp, good Olympic site (cnnmobile.com/beijing08) with galleries and blogs, videos don't load in quicktime, SMS alerts available internationally, chose your favourite country to keep count of medals, submit citizen postings via email or SMS.

AtNext - Apple Daily
Mainly a download site for ringtones, wallpapers. Hard to navigate and safari can't handle most of the files. This one needs some work.

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