July 2, 2008

Quamnet contest - Get your questions here!

Hi Web Wednesday-ites!

We're on for tonight at Q97, Basement, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong. Kicks off at 6pm but see if you can get there before 7pm to enjoy the free drink and early mixing.

Sofa-style interview with Chris Justice, MD of Quamnet, to talk finance 2.0 and whether a website should be free.

Question for tonight's quiz:

Which section of Quamnet.com costs money?

"ww a" = news
"ww b" = stock quotes
"ww c" = tony's daily

send your replies to 508507 to have a chance to win one of the prizes below:

Prize 1 : Quam Financial Advisory x 6 mths (worth $1,920)
Prize 2 : Quamnet Email ad x 1 time (worth $35,000)
Prize 3 : Quam Money Full Page Ad ($15,000)

See you soon!


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