September 3, 2008

Reminder: Talking creative sharing at tonight's social mixer at Q97

We will be joined tonight for Web Wednesday's 16th Social Mixer by two local proponents of Creative Commons as a way to share their creations in the online arena:

1) Snoblind: two local Hong Kong musicians, Vincent and Regina, who license their music using Creative Commons. Their music has been described as ""Hard-hitting rock filtered through pumping electronica with abstract beats colliding with lush cinematic soundscape."

Come hear their music at Web Wednesday tonight!

You can also visit their official website - - which uses funky QR codes to help you locate the site on your mobile phone:
Of drop by their page on MySpace:

If you believe in supporting local musicians, then yoou can buy their latest album, "Musica Di Digitalia", from CD Baby.

2) Foncept: a soon-to-be-launched artists community of T-shirt designers. Artists post their creations and earn revenue by selling their works. Founded by Ben Cheng, who has been actively involved with the free culture movement in Hong Kong and has participated in the establishment of Creative Commons Hong Kong.

For more info, visit Ben's company website -

The Foncept site is coming to a browser near you!

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