February 3, 2009

Chocolates at Web Wednesday Social Mixer V21

As the topic of Web Wednesday V21 is "How to market to women online?", I thought it would be appropriate do have some high quality chocolates available at the event. So we've invited the folks at Makari Life to provide a sampling of luxury Swiss chocolates from Beschle.

I've also negotiated a 20% discount for Web Wednesday members, just in time for Valentine's Day. To enjoy this special offer, send an email to David Ng, Director of Makari International, with the Subject Line: "Web Wednesday Special Offer". (This discount is valid up until 14th February 2009).

Attached is the logo of Beschle chocolates and a few of pictures as well. Pls send to your contacts for promotion (yes we are offering a 20% discount then) up to Valentine's Day. Send an email to

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Anonymous said...

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