June 25, 2012

Winners of Battle of the Apps III

On 30th May, 10 brave contestants took to the stage at Bisous to present their latest app creations in our quarterly developer challenge, fondly known as "Battle of the Apps". [Read more about the first five contestants here, and second five here].

After one hour of patiently listening to the presentations, the audience of 100 guests took to the vote. (We went analog, using smiley face stickers on white cardboard).

And the winners are...

In third position, a highly popular virtual butterfly catching game (combining  GPS, Motion Sensor and Augmented Reality technology): iButterfly. Find them on Facebook.

In second position, learn how to cook popular Chinese recipes with Chi Fan. Find them on Facebook. [Note the cheeky QR code on the cover page - how long will Zuckerberg let them get away with this obvious call to action?].

Wait for it...the top prize goes to...an app for competitive types Coach's Clipboard! Find the creator, J Plus Corp, on Facebook.

Congratulations to the three winners! We hope that the rest of the contestants enjoyed the battle, made some good contacts and that Web Wednesday has helped nudge awareness of your creations up a notch or two! Our next Battle of the Apps will be held in late August 2012.

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