January 14, 2014

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

Mark your diaries for our 81st Social Mixer on 22nd January, 2014. Sign up and see who else is coming via Facebook or MeetUp.

We all know the marketing trends: mobile, social, and big data are driving the agenda at the moment. But as we gallop into 2014 and the Year of the Horse, many questions arise:

- What strategies are senior marketers backing?
- How are they really investing their marketing funds?
- How are they changing to meet the needs of their rapidly evolving customers?
- What is the perfect marketing mix across all the customer touch points?
- What are their expectations from agencies, marketing partners and technology solutions providers?

Featuring a panel of senior marketers representing the range across corporate, B2B and consumer, this is your opportunity to learn from the horse’s mouth what strategies marketers are really going to commit to, and where they plan to place their ROI bets with their budgets.

This event is presented in association with the Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia, a renewed and revamped industry association that brings together the best of the Asia Digital Marketing Association, the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association, HK Social and other affiliate digital, mobile and marketing industry groups from around the region.

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