January 2, 2014

Social Sharing Soars for Web Wednesday in 2013

In 2013, Web Wednesday soared to new heights:

  • Our Twitter (@webwednesday) handle now has 4,851 followers.

  • Our emails now go out to 3,000 opt-in recipients.

  • Our Facebook Group reached 3,198 members. (Sadly, I've had to turn down over 500 cute-but-fake applicants from Taiwan). If you're a real human being, become a member via facebook.com/groups/webwednesdayhk

  • Our Facebook Page attracted 1,074 fans. Join us at facebook.com/webwednesday

  • Our LinkedIn Group blossomed to 1,284 members. Rub e-shoulders with us at linkedin.com/groups/Web-Wednesday-Hong-Kong

  • Launched im Aug 2013, our MeetUp Group has 156 members. Sign up via meet up.com/webwednesdayhk

  • Podcasts of our interviews on SoundCloud were played 8,946 times! Come listen on SoundCloud.com/webweds

  • This blog, webwednesday.hk, attracts 10,000+ page views per month and since May 2007 has generated 210,662 page views in total.

  • You can listen to many (not all, unfortunately) of the past interviews via our channel on SoundCloud. If you missed some of the great interviews this year, I've set up a special collection, called "Web Wednesday Speakers 2013".

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