January 17, 2008

Quamnet relaunches - ad supported

As stock markets were crashing around the region, Quam Group relaunched its bilingual financial portal, Quamnet.com. Following in the steps of many wise online publishers, Quam has changed its revenue model from subscription fees to advertising income.

Old China and Internet Hand, Christopher Justice, was brought in to manage this transition and gave a calm and collected presentation at their launch party on the 49/th floor of the American Club in Central Hong Kong. (Fittingly just above the Hong Kong Stock Exchange!).

Chris explained how the Latin word "quam" means "more than" (or ">" in mathematical terms) and how this helps Quamnet's clients make more money than any one else!

Our intrepid reporter was there on hand to record the presentation. Simply click below to listen.

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For some valuable insight into market trends for 2008 and some smart advice on where to put your money - not in mainland banks, surprisingly! - listen to the wise words of Henry Chan, Quamnet's Head of Research by clicking on the play button below.

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