January 7, 2008

Share your digital resolutions for 2008

Since starting with a handful of people (literally five) back in June 2007, this community has now reached 380 digerati. Our original goal was simple, bring people in the internet and digital media industries together in a casual and friendly environment.

Now that we have a regular monthly event with over 100 attendees and an active online following, we wanted to share with you our resolutions for 2008:

1. Expand the community.

Web Wednesday provides a great venue for meeting and mixing with people in a casual, friendly atmosphere. In 2007, the community grew from zero to 380 members and the social mixer regularly attracts 100 plus attendees. For 2008, we aim to surpass 1,000 active members.

2. Launch in other Asian cities.

To date, we are in talks with interested parties in Guangzhou, Singapore and Shanghai. Of course, we're open to other cities as well. In fact, we have developed a friendly template, if you're interested.

3. Educate.

There is a desperate need to educate those within (yes, it's true!) and without the industry (no question about it!). For this reason, Palava Digital will be launching digital media training courses this year. Do contact us if you'd like to learn more.

4. Share learnings.

Our guest speakers have generously shared their experience and insights with us. We will continue to invite guests and post their interviews to our blog as podcasts that you can listen to at your own convenience.

The community on Facebook and in the blogosphere is already starting to share useful data but we plan to bring this all together in one central website, where members can share educational videos as well. Outblaze will be helping us to create this interactive online community.

5. Bring in well-known guest speakers.

This will be easier once more cities come on board.

6. Illustrate how easy it is to benefit from digital marketing channels.

In 2007, we successfully tested social networks (Facebook and Xing), mobile channels (website, SMS questionnaires), email (Facebook and normal eDM), blogging and podcasts.

7. Give more value to our sponsors.

A big thank you to Palava Digital, Outblaze, Lotus, HyperFactory, epsilon, ADMA, SCMP and Sketchbook as well as the various individuals (too many to name) who have helped this event take off in 2007.

8. Make money!

We'll find a way that works for the members, the organisers and the sponsors.

Ambitious but worth a try!

Do share your digital new year resolutions with us all, either by commenting below or posting to our discussion board on Facebook.

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