January 7, 2008

Social Mixer V8.0 - Wednesday 9th January

Happy 2008 to all! I hope you had a refreshing break and are ready to enjoy another heady year of digital chaos, inspiration and evolution.

This is a polite reminder to invite you to the next social mixer to be held on Wednesday 9th January, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Lotus Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, 37-43 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Our guest speaker will Mr. P.K. Chan, CEO of Team and Concepts Limited, a local Hong Kong software development house that reinvented itself to become an award-winning online spreadsheet service, called "EditGrid". This collaborative web 2.0 tool was launched in April 2006 and has already generated 50,000+ users worldwide.

Apart from it's economic pricing, EditGrid stands out from its competitors, Google Spreadsheets and Zoho, by offering extremely useful functionality such as the ability to pull in data from remote sources in real time. Perhaps the best example of this is a financial spreadsheet, created by a certain Hong Kong-based "War God", that draws data from stock markets in Asia, US and Europe. Remarkably, this mash-up has already generated over one million page views.

EditGrid is on a roll and has recently been a Winner of the Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 Awards as well as one of the five finalists of the Crunchies Best Enterprise Start-up, alongside 37 Signals and Zoho. There is still time for you to support them so go and post your vote here.

Their development team move fast and have already created a beta version for Apple's iPhone.

We will be talking about how to launch, fund and grow a global start-up enterprise. P.K. has also kindly offered three free corporate accounts to our members. Were testing out our mobile website so simply visit "m.webwednesday.hk" on your mobile's web browser in order to sign up.

If you want to come along (entrance is free), please sign up via the Facebook event posting.

A special thanks to the people and companies that support this event:

  1. Palava Digital - event organiser.
  2. Lotus Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge - venue and complimentary cocktail.
  3. The HyperFactory - SMS contest, mobile website and coupon download.
  4. Outblaze - social collaboration software (behind the scenes).
  5. Sketchbook - email design.
  6. Epsilon Interactive - email marketing platform.
  7. Asia Digital Marketing Association - official industry endorser.
  8. EditGrid - contest prizes.

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